One-Hour Visit - $160

This is recommended for parties that have only two princesses attending, that will be held in a public place with a party room, or for parties at private residences with less than 15 children in attendance.


*This price includes TWO princesses, although you may add extra princesses for an additional fee


Two-Hour Visit - $240

This is recommended if you would like to add additional princesses, or if you have a party at a private residence and have things for the princesses to interact with, such as a moon bounce, playground, or planned activities.


*This price includes TWO princesses,  although you may add extra princesses for an additional fee

30-Minute Visit - $90

If you're having a small birthday party on a weekday, or if you'd like our characters to visit your child at their daycare or school for their special day, a 30-minute visit is perfect for you!

*This price includes TWO princesses,  although you may add extra princesses for an $35. ONLY OFFERED ON WEEKDAYS.

Sleepover Package - $290

Looking for a magical slumber party that your child wont forget? With this package, two of our princesses will come over with their favorite movie (Hint: It's usually about them!), popcorn, and supplies for a mini makeover! Be prepared for sing-alongs, dancing, and an evening full of fun!

*This is a two-hour long visit that begins in the evening, typically around 7:00 PM. 

Save The Day Package - $210

Our two heroes will swoop in to help you save the day at your next party! Join them for pictures, super hero training, and make your own mask to conceal your secret identity!

*This is a one-hour long visit that includes crafts for up to 20 children


Extra Princesses - $60

If you have already picked out your two princesses but would like to add more, each extra princess will be an additional $60 per princess per hour.

Add A Photographer - $60

We want you to be able to enjoy every moment of your party, without worrying about getting pictures for your photo albums and social media pages. So we have paired with local photographers such as Summer Young (Snaps by Summer) to provide high quality photos that capture the happiness and magic of your character visit!

Travel Fees

For parties more than 15 miles away from our starting point, we will charge an additional $10 as a travel fee. For parties more than 30 miles away from our starting point, we will charge an additional $20 as a travel fee. For parties further than 45 miles away, please send us a message for availability and travel pricing.

Toll Fees

If our princesses need to cross a bridge guarded by a troll while traveling to and from your party, the toll cost will be charged additionally.

Three-Hour Event - $170

Whether you want to bring extra magic to a family-themed event, or create an entire event around our princesses, we're happy to be there! This price includes one princess, heavy advertising on our social media pages, images for your advertisements (whether you would like our current images, or if you would like us to take additional photos), and assistance with creating an advertisement.


Feel free to email us for special requests or to discuss ideas for our involvement, we would love to make your event as unique and memorable as possible!

Prices are subject to change without notice