What do you do when you visit a party?

Frequently Asked Questions

Ariel Princess Birthday Party Kid Little Mermaid

     At Part Time Princesses, our primary focus is bringing the characters to life in a fun and interactive setting. Our visits are mostly improv-based, where we choose from activities as we go throughout the party. This means that when we visit your party, we let the children take charge. If they'd like to have relay races, jump on a moon-bounce, or have outdoor drawing contests with sidewalk chalk, thats what the princesses will do! If our poofy gowns don't get in the way, of course. As we do see some of the same children multiple times, this ensures a unique experience each time.

     We realize that some children are more shy than others and will need the princesses to take charge. During our one-hour visits, we try to start off with taking individual and group photos. This helps the more shy children get warmed up to the princesses in a slow-paced setting. We then go into general interaction, where our princesses answer every creative question with even more creative answers! Of course, our princesses are eager to learn about your "kingdom" as well, so they'll have tons of questions for the party too! And we always encourage a sing along, whether it is for just one song or multiple soundtracks! We typically sing acapella for this, however if speakers and audio are provided, we will be happy to sing along with that! 


     Our two-hour visits generally have the same structure as our one-hour visits, however this allows us to have more time to interact with the children. We will also bring a craft for up to 20 children (there will be an additional fee for each additional child).

What is the general structure of your party visits?

Can we have only one princess visit our party?

     It is our strict policy to send out two princesses at the minimum. This is to ensure the safety of our princesses, because traveling throughout your kingdom can be confusing (even with a GPS!) and we are strong believers in the buddy system, especially when it comes to sending our princesses to private residences. If your business is holding a public event and would like special pricing for a single princess for less than three hours, please send an email to PartTimePrincesses@gmail.com!

I want my children to meet you, but they don't have a birthday soon. What do I do?

     We would love to visit you for a play date, tea party, or any other occasion! The pricing for this would be the same as our pricing for party appearances, which you can see on our Rates page. We also visit many public events, and all of them will be posted on our Facebook page! Occasionally, you may even see our princesses roaming around your kingdom looking for a snack between birthday party visits on weekends! 

How far in advance should I book my party?

     We book on a first-come-first-serve basis and will try our best to attend all parties/ events we are requested to appear at. Because of this, we are more likely to be available if you book us as soon as possible (please visit our Contact page to request an appearance). If you are unsure of your party date and time, but you are positive you would like a princess visit, please fill out the appearance request form at the top of our Contact page with as many details as possible so we can work with you to decide on a perfect date and time!

When should I request the princesses to arrive?

     We usually recommend having the princesses arrive 30 minutes after your party begins, so that most of the children will have already arrived and will be there to enjoy our visit! 

How far will you travel? Do you charge travel fees?

     We are a service-based business located in Glen Burnie, Maryland. As we do not have a set business location, we will use Marley Station Mall as our starting point to determine all travel fees ($10 if you are 15-29.99 miles away, $20 if you are 30-45 miles away). If your party/ event is more than 45 miles away, please include that in your appreance request as it may affect our availability and travel fees! Toll costs will be charged in addition to travel fees (Chesapeake Bay Bridge: $4, Key Bridge: $12, Baltimore Harbor Tunnel: $8).

Do you offer officially licensed Disney characters?

     Part Time Princesses is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company and does not offer officially licensed Disney characters.

Do you offer any characters for the boys at my party?

     We've seen that the majority of boys at birthday parties love the princesses! Most of this is due to our interactive nature at parties - we want to make sure every child is included to the best of our ability, so we're happy to try the things they'd like to do too! It is thanks to the boys of one specific birthday party that our Snow Princess got lessons on how to sword fight!

When will you add more characters?

     We're flattered that you're so excited to see us grow! Unfortunately, because we are a small, local business, we do tend to grow a little slowly! But we love getting your feedback on the characters you think we should add (whether they're princesses, princes, superheroes, or just a character you love), it certainly comes in handy when we plan out how we'll expand! Of course, all new characters will be announced on our Facebook page, Instagram account, and displayed on the "Princesses" page of our website.

I submitted an appearance request form, what happens now?

     When we receive your request, we then ask our team if they are available for your party. This may take some time as their availability is based on work schedules with other jobs and they may need to wait for their schedule to come out. Once we have confirmed princess availability, we will send you an email (or Facebook message, if that is how you reached out to us) with all of your party details to be sure that what we have on record is correct. Then we will send you two invoices - the first will be for a $50 nonrefundable deposit that is required to hold your party date (due immediately and payable online), and the other will be for the remainder of your balance (due on the date prior to your party and payable online).

Do you offer face painting or balloon art?

We offer a range of activities, which we will only choose from if the children are unsure of what to do when the princesses arrive (some children would much rather have the princesses play on a moon bounce with them instead of doing a predetermined activity, while others are a little more starstruck and may need the princesses to guide them through an activity to help them warm up). While we do not offer face painting or balloon art, we work closely with companies who do. Feel free to ask us in your appearance request and we will be sure to recommend them to you!