We're Part Time Princesses, LLC - an entertainment company offering character appearances for events and birthday parties in the kingdom of Glen Burnie, Maryland, and surrounding kingdoms!


Our princess family is filled with hard working, creative, and talented young women who have a genuine love for what they do. We bring our characters to life with high-energy personalities, sing-a-longs, and  interactive, improvisational appearances. We take pride in making your little princes and princesses believe in magic, through each unforgettable memory we're able to create with them.

How it all began

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away (Chick-fil-A at Marley Station), a girl named Courtney worked as a marketing assistant. She always helped to carry out events, and dreamed of one day creating her own. Then the idea of "Winter Princess Family Night" came to her, and she challenged all of her superiors to let her make it a reality.


When the day came, nearly one thousand people (So many that the knights of Anne Arundel County Police were requested, to be sure that the event ran smoothly) from all over the kingdom traveled to Chick-fil-A for an evening of magic, face panting, crafts, and incredible food. Courtney dressed as the Snow Princess, and her coworker, Holly, dressed as the Ice Queen. A few visitors invited the pair to attend their childrens birthday parties, and thus, Part Time Princesses was born.

Meet Our Team


Owner & Event Coordinator

Characters: Winter Princess, Scottish Princess, Mermaid Princess, Fairest Princess, Fairy Friend


Operations & Party Coordinator

Characters: Ice Queen, Punzie, Fairy Friend, Glass Slipper Princess, Super Hero, Owner Hero, Fairest Princess, Rose Princess, Mermaid Princess


Characters: Punzie, Ice Queen, Glass Slipper Princess, Fairy Friend, Sleepy Princess


Characters: Rose Princess, Mermaid Princess, Snow Princess

(Seasonal Performer)


Characters: Snow Princess, Sleepy Princess, Mermaid Princess


Characters: Fairy Friend, Ice Queen, Mermaid Princess, Punzie


Characters: Fairest Princess, Rose Princess, Mermaid Princess

(Seasonal Performer)


Characters: Mermaid Princess

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